How did it all begin?

In  2008, Mr. and Mrs. Tvrdoň, together with Martinka and Zuzka, started the donor website Slovaks did not hesitate to help. They prefer to help mainly people with oncological diseases and children. Helping adults with disabilities via this website was less successful. Therefore, Martina appealed to people from social services homes and non-profit organizations to cooperate. The feedback was that: „The greatest help for us would be, if you would give us job and provide orders.“


Persons with disabilities want to work, and they appreciate every work opportunity, but they are not able to create these opportunities on their own. Therefore the team „ďakujeme“ („thank you“)  decided to change these people’s lifes through work opportunities, not grants.


Together with designers, they created a new portfolio of products. The products from the offer Z dobrých rúk („Kind hands) are handmade. They have real value, good-looking design, and are made from natural materials. The association Z dobrých rúk („Kind hands“) invites other companies to cooperate, because through the purchase of these products they are able to put their facultative compensation into effect and use these products as advertising material or gifts. Persons with disabilities obtained not only job, but developed skill in the process. 


Business model


The portfolio of products is made by handmade products from  natural and high-quality raw materials, made by persons with disabilities. The prices of products are regulated on the same principle as fair trade products. This civil association aims for the financial evaluation of these people to be fair. All the incomes are used for the purchase of the material and for these people’s salaries.


Future plans


To obtain orders for 61 persons with disabilities, including obtaining new clients and developing the cooperation of specialized stores. There is also the development of a sheltered workshop for two persons with disabilities to gain permanent jobs. Team Z dobrých rúk („Kind hands“ team) wants to continue developing a sensitive approach to \ people with disabilites. They plan to extend  the potrfolio of products and begin implementing a new marketing campaign.  


How did this grant help us?


"Thanks to this grant, in 2014 we were able  to employ two persons with mental disabilities and we started selling our products to a network of luxury retail stores Rhapis flowers. Our sales doubled in 2014, "  says the founder of the association of sheltered workshops From good hands Martina Jeck

Before obtaining the grant: only the Christmas gifts provision for big corporations

Today: extending sales channel to the retail stores which already constitutes 10% of revenue / salary for two disabled employees



What makes Z dobrých rúk different

  • it covers 15 sheltered workshops

  • the products are sold mainly to big companies, according to their demands or needs

  • and they offer workshops for employees


Ľuboš Tvrdoň

Martina Jeck

Zuzana Kamenická

Martina Tvrdoňová


The flying fish - Z dobrých rúk

Work for persons with mental disabilities from 15 sheltered workshops.


Target group

  • people with disabilities