We support solutions for better society

PROVIDA Foundation in cooperation with UniCredit Bank and with the financial support of UniCredit Foundation, opened the 2nd year of grant program to support and strengthen social entrepreneurial activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, whose economic activities seek to deliver social benefit with measurable social impact and alongside their financial sustainability strive for a maximum public good. The program is named "Can fish fly?".

This year we will distribute the amount of 64 000 EUR among 4 best projects.
Each  winning project will receive the financial support of 16 000 EUR as well as the expert consulting in the value

of 4 000 EUR.

The employees of UniCredit Bank Slovakia will appreciate one of the final projects  with a special prize as part of the "Your Choice, Your Project". The most likeable project will be supported with additional 5 000 EUR.

This year's grant program is open until the 30th November 2015 for non-profit organizations, individuals, as well as businesses which aim is to solve specific social or environmental problem.

















Who are the flying fish?

Flying fish are exceptional people and organizations that are able to combine business with social service. Fish generally don´t fly. Similarly, those who help others, generally do not create profit.

In contrast, those who make a profit most generally don´t return it back to society.

But, some fish can fly.

In 2014 PROVIDA Foundation supported 4 organizations and their projects in the grant program "Can fish fly?" 



2. KVAS ŽiWell
3. BEEznis
4. Z dobrých rúk

What were the success achieved by our winners in 2014?

Svetielko: "This grant gave us wings to fly from Presov to Trencin and open here the second branch of our center Svetielko in June 2014. In Presov we started with two employees. Today the center has 5 employees and 150 clients. We have established nine rehabilitation groups, two classes for pre-school kids and one class for primary school kids," says about the success of the whole team Mária Sárossyová, founder Svetielko  - the day centers for children with multiple disabilities.

Before obtaining the grant: a mother of two children with disabilities who did not have money for their expensive treatment
Today: a mother and a businesswoman, the provision of affordable daycare or her center helps more than 300 disabled children a year to walk, move and communicate

KVAS - ŽiWell:  "This grant  has opened the way to a healthy vegetarian cuisine where we cook for our loyal customers around 120 lunches a day. Also thanks to this success we managed to double our revenues. Thanks to the money we are now able to earn, we can co-finance local concerts, exhibitions, openings, language conversations and other public happenings," says about the contribution of the investment grant Aurel Rusnak, one of the founders of vegetarian - vegan restaurants which brings high quality food for people with a gluten-free or lactose-free diet in Piestany (centrum ŽiWell).

Before obtaining the grant: a café and comunity center with the risk of cessation of their environmental and social activities due to lack of funds
Today: after setting up the kitchen and the restaurant the center earns more than € 100,000 a year, which enables them to develop in Piestany more than 100 diverse socially beneficial and educational activities annually

BEEznis: "This grant program allowed us to professionalize our work, to prepare us " for life ". NGOs often live in a "bubble" in which they can carry out the activities that would be taken off in the corporate world, or would be significantly loss-making. We have learned to plan our activities the way they create the benefit and are done from the heart, but also bring profit," said one of last year's winner and founder of the project BEEznis, David Turčáni.

Before obtaining the grant: a non-profit organization living only on donations, with sales 50 EUR, 50 custome

Today: a non-profit entreprise with sales of 6,000 euros from the sale of theirs products (hives and design courses on beekeeping), 1800 customers

Z dobrých rúk (From good hands): "Thanks to this grant, in 2014 we were able  to employ two persons with mental disabilities and we started selling our products to a network of luxury retail stores Rhapis flowers. Our sales doubled in 2014, "  says the founder of the association of sheltered workshops From good hands Martina Jeck

Before obtaining the grant: only the Christmas gifts provision for big corporations
Today: extending sales channel to the retail stores which already constitutes 10% of revenue / salary for two disabled employees