Target group

  • dieters, people with restrictive diets, youth and a community from Piešťany and neighbourhood


How did it all begin?

12.12.2012 at 12:12 Aurel and Peter opened a cultural and community centre called ŽiWell („Live well“). The goal of the centre  was to create an interesting space that encourages better, healthier living. Žiwell („Live well“) has a programm full of lectures, concerts, and a cafe.


The space included a kitchen, but Peter and Aurel did not intend to cook. But fate wanted Dobromila, who has a wealth of cooking experience, to cross paths with Peter and Aurel. They agreed to work with Dobromila to flesh out a larger menu of vegetarian, vegan, and celiac cuisine in the cafe. They managed to develop this healthy menu over the course of a year. This alternative way of cooking was matched the concept of this centre because it fullfiled the centre’s goal of creating a healthy space; it now accommodates many diners with dietary restrictions, as well as those simply looking to eat healthier.



Business model


Lunch prices are calculated on the basis of food cost, taking service and portion size into account to remain profittable. The menu became a part of a preexisting service, doubling profits and creating new jobs.


C. a. Kvas („The leaven“) is a non-profit organization that focuses on enviromental and ecologically-oriented activities from the running of Zdravá kuchyňa („Healthy cooking“), it keeps in touch with the local community and contributes to enviromental protection. In 2013, they carried out about 150 activities with approximately 5,000 participants.  


Future plans


To strengthen the organisation in the aspects of running the cafe, managing staff , and keeping track of finances . They want to equip the kitchen to begin lunch delivery and expand service to evenings and weekends.  


How did this grant help us?


"This grant  has opened the way to a healthy vegetarian cuisine where we cook for our loyal customers around 120 lunches a day. Also thanks to this success we managed to double our revenues. Thanks to the money we are now able to earn, we can co-finance local concerts, exhibitions, openings, language conversations and other public happenings," says about the contribution of the investment grant Aurel Rusnak, one of the founders of vegetarian - vegan restaurants which brings high quality food for people with a gluten-free or lactose-free diet in Piestany (centrum ŽiWell).

Before obtaining the grant: a café and comunity center with the risk of cessation of their environmental and social activities due to lack of funds

Today: after setting up the kitchen and the restaurant the center earns more than € 100,000 a year, which enables them to develop in Piestany more than 100 diverse socially beneficial and educational activities annually

What makes Kvas ("The leaven") different

  • it offers healthy food part of a balanced diet and organizes activities to encourage a fit, healthy community


Peter Demko

Aurel Rusnák

Zuzana Bartovicová 


The flying fish - Kvas

Healthy food and meaningful spending of a free time in Piešťany.