We present you the Flying Fish 2015/2016!
Congratulations to the winners!

During next 7 months, we are going to cooperate on implementation of all four winning projects

and help them achieve their amazing goals.

Each of the winners will receive not only the financial support in amount of 16 000 Eur

but also a tailor-made advisory services provided by experts in marketing, strategic planning and business.
One of the winning organizations will be also awarded by a special prize of 5 000 Eur -  a prize for the best project

chosen by UniCredit Bank employees.



VIA IURIS – project: Analytic incubator













VIA IURIS is standing on the side of justice for more than 20 years and fights in cases where the law is bent to the advantage of the powerful ones. Its strategic themes are participation of citizens in public affairs and justice as well as the defense and promotion of public interest which is, for example, well-managed society and healthy environment. Analytical incubator project launches consulting and analytical services, especially in the area of human and civil rights and environmental legislation.




Peter Farárik - project: Lepšia geografia (Better geography)












The main aim of the project is the creation and provision of innovative educational materials and methods for geography teachers in Slovakia to be accessed via a paid online service. The use of teaching materials from Lepšia geografia leads to increased quality of the education process in schools and better and more effective learning of students. The portal lepsiageografia.sk provides diverse mixture of materials, tutorials and inspiration to geographic activities, experiments and more. The long-term aim of the project is the gradual change in the content and forms of education in the school system in Slovakia.




Centrum pre filantropiu (Center for philantrophy) – project: Darujme.sk











Darujme.sk implements online donor gateway for nonprofits. With this gateway nonprofit organizations can easily fundraise money from their individual donors. The system also provides automated communication with donors and donor relations mgmt. Organization also provides trainings and consulting in the field of fundraising for nonprofits.




SARAHS SK n.o. – project: "Na vlne poznania" ("On the wave of knowledge")













The project "On the wave of knowledge" is a center for environmental education. Its aim is to offer school students and other visitors an all-day-long program focused nature and its laws, bees, plant cultivation and breeding of domestic animals and much more. The project provides facilities for organizing educational trips, seminars, workshops for all ages from young to elderly.