Success stories of the Flying Fish 2015/2016!

“It is a combination of financial support and quality expert consulting that stands behind the success of the “Can Fish Fly?” programme. Grants are always implemented in the context of strategic development of the organization and directed towards strengthening the long-term financial and programming sustainability of the organization while maximizing its social benefit,” Peter Mészáros, the programme’s expert sponsor, identifies the primary objective of the programme.


From the financial support of UniCredit Group, PROVIDA Foundation provided more than 160 hours of business consulting, focusing mainly on development strategy, financial management, marketing, and sale, for the portfolio of programming organizations.

Story one: Speak the language of nature

SARAHS SK civic association project – On the wave of knowledge

To learn directly in the open air how was the life on a farm once, how flour was milled, bread baked, and how to take care of farmed animals, to explain the importance of bees, or show how to grow herbs. Today, everyone regardless of their age can experience it owing to the On the wave of knowledge project.

Thanks to the “Can Fish Fly?” grant programme and the newly built eco-centre, the capacity of eco-trips has tripled, the project has a chance of being self-financed in the short term, employ 2 animators, and grow.

SARAHS SK association project – On the wave of knowledge – has received a grant of EUR 16,000 and an extra EUR 5,000 because of winning the vote of UniCredit Bank employees.


Story two: For better education

The Better Geography project

Innovative education materials enhance the quality of education of geography at schools. The Better Geography project attempts to modify the content and forms of the educational system. Owing to unusual and research-oriented activities, it helps one hundred Slovak schools develop critical thinking ability, information processing, and cooperation of their students. Thanks to the “Can Fish Fly?” grant programme, more than 150 Slovak schools teach today using the Better Geography methodology, which is more than double than in the last year.

The Better Geography project has received a grant of EUR 16,000.

Story three: If you want to donate, make donations for particular donors

Center for Philanthropy project –

Common people like to support a good cause, too. All you have to do is allow them to do so. The project aims at “user-friendly” donating. Also owing to the support of UniCredit Foundation, more than 107 organisations have already obtained donations worth nearly one million euros.

Thanks to the “Can Fish Fly?” grant programme, the organisation has doubled its turnover, becoming sustainable with the possibility of financing its further growth.

Center for Philanthropy project – – has received a grant of EUR 16,000.


Story four: On the side of justice

VIA IURIS project – Analytical Incubator

Individuals, communities, companies and, ultimately, the entire society are able to move forward and change for the better through better laws, higher quality courts, and more predictable legal system. It is the more predictable legal system for which VIA IURIS foundation is fighting on behalf of both citizens and entrepreneurs. Owing to the sale of analyses and its Analytical Incubator, the foundation is trying to obtain finance for its operation.

Thanks to the “Can Fish Fly?” grant programme, the foundation has improved its marketing and sale, and it is ready to offer its commercial services in both the Slovak and foreign market.

VIA IURIS project – Analytical Incubator – has received a grant of EUR 16,000.