How did it all begin?

The center Svetielko was established in 2011 to help children with severe and multiple and combined disabilities provide the necessary assistance in terms of rehabilitation, social work, education or leisure activities.

The center was founded by Mária Sárossyová, mother of two children with severe disabilities. She was not able to ensure the necessary care for her children because of very limited capacities of rehabilitation centers in Slovakia and their high cost.

Mária knew that many other mothers in her neighborhood  are facing a similar problem, that is why she decided to establish her own rehabilitation center, but based on different principles than other commercial rehabilitation centers. The Civic Association named Faith-Hope-Love was fonded and to became operator of the Centre for disabled children Svetielko.

After 4 years, Svetielko has 20 employees, approximately 300 customers and operates in Prešov and Trenčín, soon also in the third center in Bratislava.

Every day 56 hours of rehabilitation are provided in the centers as well as additional 56 hours of educational activities.



Business model

Through the civic association, Svetielko uses a unique economic model. It accepts payments from clients, revenues from tax assignation (2%) and subsidies for providers of social services. Svetielko builds its economic sustainability on the model of multi-source financing. Mária plans to continue to develop the centers and to open her third center in Bratislava in 2016.


How did this grant help us?


"This grant gave us wings to fly from Presov to Trencin and open here the second branch of our center Svetielko in June 2014. In Presov we started with two employees. Today the center has 5 employees and 150 clients. We have established nine rehabilitation groups, two classes for pre-school kids and one class for primary school kids," says about the success of the whole team Mária Sárossyová, founder Svetielko  - the day centers for children with multiple disabilities.

Before obtaining the grant: a mother of two children with disabilities who did not have money for their expensive treatment

Today: a mother and a businesswoman, the provision of affordable daycare or her center helps more than 300 disabled children a year to walk, move and communicate

Prešov a Trenčín

What makes Svetielko different

  • all necessary services for these children are provided on one place

  • all therapists are professionally trained

  • price per week stay in the center: € 600 (current market price € 3,070)


Svetielko in numbers

20 employees

300 clients

6 childen do not need the wheelchair anymore


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Social workers

The flying fish - Svetielko Centre

The connection of the Therasuit training method, education, free-time activities and comprehensive care for children with disabilities.

Target group

  • families with disabled children