What we do?


Flying fish are exceptional people and organizations that are able to combine business with social service.

We use various tools to help them succeed in the world full of social challenges.




























Who are Flying fish?

Imagine entrepreneurs working towards social impact while using profit to sustain his business.

Or NGO doing business to support its social mission.


There are thousands of social businesses and entrepreneurial NGOs sharing one common thing – they strive to connect business models with social impact.


They try to prove to us that IMPOSSIBLE IS POSSIBLE, same as flying fish do in nature.


PROVIDA seeks and supports these exceptional organizations and individuals in the early stages of their endeavors.

Be it defining their mission and business model, improving operational model, financing, marketing or product design.


What is social entrepreneurship?

It is a business whose main objective is to achieve a positive social impact through its own business activities or the method of allocating profits. If the objective of an ordinary entrepreneurship is the profit maximization, the aim of social entrepreneurship is to obtain maximum social impact.

The activities of social entrepreneurs seek to improve the quality of life, contribute to employment of disadvantaged groups, social cohesion and local development.They pursue the aim of caring for the environment, landscape protection, health, or marginalized groups.





Seed investment/grant that can be used for whatever the organization truly needs at the specific stage of development (e.g. operational expenses as well as capital investments)




Access to network of experienced investors, entrepreneurs, consultants, non-profit leaders and community of other social entrepreneurs 




Advisory services and mentoring tailored for the needs of the organization balancing at the edge

of social and business world